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Act Now: Protect Flavoured Vaping in Canada

flavoured vaping ban
Last year, the Federal Government introduced an excise tax that nearly doubled the cost of vaping products. This year, they’re targeting the very essence of what makes vaping a viable alternative for smokers: flavoured eJuices.

The Issue at Hand

Health Minister Mark Holland is proposing a nation-wide ban on flavoured vaping products, citing youth vaping concerns. This move overlooks the positive impact these products have had on adult smokers transitioning away from cigarettes.

Why This Matters

Flavoured eJuices are more than a preference; they’re a pathway for many to quit smoking. Banning these flavours risks driving people back to harmful tobacco products and encourages a dangerous unregulated market.

Your Voice is Needed

It’s time to speak up. We’re urging the vaping community to email Mark Holland, sharing personal stories about the importance of flavoured eJuices and the negative impact of this proposed ban. Be respectful but clear: Flavoured vapes are crucial for smoking cessation and public health. Contact Mark Holland:

Let’s Stand Together

Our collective action can make a difference. Share your story, highlight the potential risks of a flavour ban, and help ensure that vaping remains a safe and effective option for those looking to quit smoking.

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